We ate the cookies before decorating them, so we’ll re-bake this coming weekend.  A few Christmas Cards were mailed, but I can’t find all of my addresses that are packed away in the garage.  Most people, normal people, keep them all in one central location, such as an address book or on a computer file.  I am not most people.  Many of the precious slips of paper used to contact friends and family I had secreted away among knitting projects, books, etc.  So, if you do not receive  a card, it is not because we (I) forgot about you or intended any slight, you are just among those special people whose information was too important to reside in a common location.  That being stated, Merry Christmas.

I converted a large bag of cotton yarn into dishrags for Christmas gifts.  They aren’t priceless treasures, but they’re certainly useful.


Squirrels aren’t the only critters to visit our back yard.  We’ve an assortment of birds who come daily as well.  Most of the little brown birds are quick, skittish and don’t show up, but here are some of the fellows sporting bolder plumage.


Some variety of woodpecker


Stellar’s Jay


Gray-Breasted Blue Jay

Speaking of birds, one of my favorite little decorations is this wee bird.  Rather than hang him on a tree, he is nestled snugly in a real bird’s nest that I collected back when we lived up in Spanaway.


Many of the nests there were lined with horse hair.  The abandoned nests I’ve saved since moving aren’t decked out as fancy as this one.


Here’s a picture of Steven, relaxing with his favorite human on the entire planet.


Thor enjoys watching passers by on the street.  So many of the neighbors have and walk dogs past the house that he’s ditched squirrel watching out the back window and prefers waiting for canines to pass by on the sidewalk.


Not much else happening.  My kidlets have been taking turns being sick.  Two are home today.  It’s the season for sharing.  Cheers!



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2 responses to “Mid-December

  1. Roxie Matthews

    Thor and Steven have the right idea. And wow, what wonderful washcloths! You so totally rock!

  2. Does Thor warn those evil canines off or is he just fascinated? Love the birds. Merry Christmas. Hope all can get and stay well for a while!!

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