Christmassing Along

Christmas knitting could really use a help from that Time Lord Doctor fellow, whose scarf I’m recreating for A2.  So far I’m not quite to the 1/3 mark on the chart and this thing is already quite long.  It’s got fringe on it too.  I estimate it will be close to 15 feet (with fringe) when completed. 


I haven’t started Christmas knitting for my other two girls yet, but A1 had a last-minute change of request and A3 is fine with waiting.

Bonny loves the Christmas tree.  Each year she sits and stares at the annual tree all day long.  She knows that she will get a new present, along with the rest of the family.  One year we forgot the animals and she was quite put out, so we don’t make that mistake anymore. 


Last night we decorated cookies.  My DH is quite the talented little elf!  They’ve been put in the freezer to give out later.


I made a small batch of butterscotch/peanut butter candies too.  My late MIL used to make these.


And because you all aren’t bored enough with pictures of the decorations at our house, here is an old photograph that graces the refrigerator.  I can’t believe how small the girls were.


Not much else to show.  A1 has bowling tournaments all this week, and Christmas preparations will be put on the back burner because tomorrow A3 turns 13.  Cheers!



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4 responses to “Christmassing Along

  1. A3 turns 13? WTF??? Your picture SHOWS that she’s still wee. You have all been very busy. Love the scarf. I’m so glad to see Bonny again. Now, how about Roxie? Hugs!

  2. Roxie Matthews

    Love the cookies. Those are masterpieces!

    DR. Who scarves are an act of love. That kid is spoiled.

  3. That’s a lot of cookies!

  4. Roxie Matthews

    Your gingerbread is heavenly! Yummo!

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