The Frolicking Continues!

These crazy, retro ornaments haven’t seen the light of day for decades.  They have mercury glass bodies and heads, with pipe cleaner bodies.  They belonged to my late mother-in-law, but we don’t know when she got them.  We know they were purchased, not home-made because of the box they were stored in.  This year I decided they’d lounged about long enough, so they were put to work holding Christmas Cards.


Two of my DH’s co-workers decided that his humble little Echo needed a face-lift, so they bought a set of fancy hub caps and put them on while my husband was working.  They didn’t say anything because they wanted to see if he’d notice.  He did immediately, but I wasn’t as observant and he had to point them out to me.  With those spiffy new accessories you can hardly tell that the little guy is pushing 300,000 miles!


The girls and I decided to add our own holiday bling to his car, so we adorned it with the Rudolph Nose and antlers. 


Now the girls look like real bad-asses when they get out his car each morning at the inner-city high school they attend.  No gangstas be messin’ with my crew!

Those poor village kittens keep finding themselves tossed into the river.  They look like they’re enjoying it though.


Maybe it’s because they summoned their dragon friend to wreak havoc on Snow Village.  Here he is ascending Mt. Crumpet.


And here we see him torching the town church.  That will teach those villagers a lesson!


Speaking of villagers, I’ve pretty much decided to be sedate and call the outside decorating done.  Nothing more than a few measly strands adorn our house.  That would be rain, not snow in the picture.


I’ve been a tad bit under the weather, so not much knitting progress.  Hope December is treating you all well.  Just be thankful you haven’t pissed off any dragons.



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4 responses to “The Frolicking Continues!

  1. I love your little village – that’s my kinda town!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon

  2. Karen O

    Now you gotta get that Echo to bounce to really show the homies how you play! I am now inspired to get some serious rims for Old Tom!

  3. Karen O

    I am also inspired to get some houses to build our own Christmas village. I saw some over at the Dollar Tree the other day. I’ll have to go back and see if they still have some.

  4. Roxie Matthews

    I am so with your kids on this! Dragons in the village. Hotwheels in the streets. Giant spiders lurking beneath the trees . Mwahahahahaha!

    The house looks lovely. You want to build up to excess slowly over the years.

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