It is true that I am merely 2/3 of the way done with the knitting portion of my middle daughters’ Christmas present (it will also need lots of ends woven in, fringe attached and blocking).


It is also true that I haven’t even cast on my oldest and youngest daughter’s Christmas knits; which include a Katniss Everdeen cowl and a stuffed Daleks.

There is irrefutable evidence to back up my claims of having a valid excuse for my tardiness.  Days later my now-not-so-favorite-finger is still swollen and hurts like crazy.  


I go in to the fracture clinic on January 8th to have it evaluated.  That date just happens to be the birthday of three of my most favorite people: Elvis, Erin and Michelle.  With that kind of positive universal energy I’m expecting nothing but the best of news. (it was only taken out of the splint for the picture, I promise that I’ve been a superb patient).

In the meantime, daughter number two is crazy excited about getting her Dr. Who scarf… emphasis on the crazy.
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4 responses to “Evidence

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I am so flattered that my warshrags were finished before your beloved daughters’ knitting. Thank you, Dear, and hurry before A2 goes completely off the edge;-0

  2. happy new year, to you and your fingers. Hate to remind you but Dr Who does not wear a long scarf any more, altho the new one may choose to.

  3. Karen O

    I don’t watch Dr. Who, but I always loved that scarf. I’d make one for Kelly, who DOES watch and love the old episodes, but I doubt he’d wear it…except maybe at a con. Hmm…maybe I’ll knit one anyway.

  4. Anonymous

    Happy New Year my lovely Heide,
    And to all your family too. Your knitting is doing a lot better in the ready-for-presents stakes than mine.
    I do hope your finger is better, if not now, very soon.
    Cheers Gillian

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