Twenty-Three Feet and Four Inches

Take that Tom Baker!  

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This seemed like the scarf that wouldn’t end and there were times I considered cheating and leaving a few color repeats out or not knitting quite as many rows as the pattern called for, but A2, a.k.a. the middle kid, would have noticed. She checked periodically to make sure I wasn’t “forgetting” any and to see that I hadn’t lost my place. With the fringe this sucker is 23′ 4″ long!  


The colors, chosen by A2 herself, were not exactly like those of the original scarf, but they were what she wanted.  She wanted her scarf to be just a little bit more vibrant.


I asked her if she needed a curly wig to dress up as this version of The Doctor for Sakura-Con and she informed me that she had no intention of Cosplaying him at all. She simply wanted the scarf to “Derp around in and wear to school sometimes.”  After all this work I was kind of hoping that she’d wear it daily, plan to feature it in  costumes for the next decade, get married in it… that isn’t too much to ask.

The only way that the kid would agree to a picture of her 5’2″ self wearing the excruciatingly long, and destined for the closet accessory was if I didn’t show her face. It is Sunday and that equates to “Pajama Day” at our house.


On another note, my finger is mostly back to normal, it just won’t bend all the way at the last knuckle.  

Here is the start of A1, the oldest daughter’s, chosen Christmas knit.  Any guesses as to what it will be?


Since the first of the calendar year we’ve been taking turns passing around an assortment of ailments.  A3, the youngest daughter, recently endured a grueling stomach bug and now, alas, it is my turn.  Nurse Bonny is keeping me company.  She does tend to get cantankerous when I need to move my legs though.


As part of the unpacking and settling in project I’ve been sorting through bin after bin of old documents and pictures.  Our old house was big enough that we were able to just shove stuff into the attic for consideration at some future point.  The point is now.  We have old tax documents from before the year 2000.  Some bins and boxes contain photographs of people we don’t know in large ungainly frames.  Other boxes overflow with framed pictures of friends and family members we do know.  

I’ve created a substantial pile of papers to be shredded (anything over 5 years old, except for birth, death and marriage certificates).  Pictures are being systematically removed from frames.  Once freed I write as much information about the people in them as possible and they go into a tote.  Eventually they will all be put into books.  The mountain of frames will be given away or donated.

The sweet little darlings in this frame have now all grown up into fine young ladies and gentlemen.


In addition to the hard copies being put into books, I continue to take digital copies as well. 

So much progress has been made in the garage that we will soon be able to begin closing/walling off the studio area!  As a bonus, my DH’s little red car will fit in the front bay. We haven’t had much of a winter this year, but him not having to go scrape the windshield each morning would be such a treat.  Not much else to report. Cheers my friends!



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5 responses to “Twenty-Three Feet and Four Inches

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Get well soon!!!

  2. Karen O

    Sorry to hear the crud is making the rounds and took you as its next victim. Hope that it passes quickly! Great job on the scarf…looks awesome! Where did you find the pattern?

  3. Roxie Matthews

    OH, get well fast. You don’t have ANY fat reserves. Can you drink Gatorade? Can you keep it down? I worry about you.

    The scarf totally rocks. She really ought to do a Dr. Who Cosplay. And get married in it. You spoil those girls.

    Are you knitting a bag for A1? Looks quite interesting.

  4. Anonymous

    I always wanted one of those scarves! What an achievement.
    Hope you are well soon. Sorting out a move to a less spacious place is a great opportunity to “tidy up”. Tedious but a triumph.
    Cheers Gillian

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