Snow, Gifts And A Cowl In Progress

Since starting my original blog, “But Mom“, over 8 years ago, I have never gone this long between posts.  It may be partially due to the fact that I’ve not completed any projects during this time. The mystery project shown in my last post, in its infantile state, has been a ball-breaker.  I’ve ripped it back so many times that the yarn is starting to pill.  I’m thinking this latest version (the last frogging was yesterday) will be the final version, regardless of what it looks like.  The project is recreating the Katniss Cowl from the movie, “Catching Fire.” A1 will cosplay as Katniss at Sakura-Con in April.  Quite a few people have written patterns to replicate this piece, but I didn’t care for any of them.


I also made a half-assed attempt to work on a special project during the Olympics, but that goal will not even come close to completion.  It’s okay though.   I do have some pictures to share from this non-productive time!

Unlike the east coast, we have been pretty lucky this winter and only had 4 days of snow here.  During this time we trekked to the park and went sledding on Hefty bags.


Following the brief snowstorm we had several weeks of rain and wind.  Lots of debris litters our yard, roof and gutters, but nothing was damaged.  A leak in the roof over A1’s bedroom left a huge stain in the ceiling drywall and it’s looking pretty gross (black, yucky mold and rust stains).  This morning the rain broke and new shingles, etc. were delivered. Tomorrow the old roof will be torn off, the leak (in a peak seam, so probably a flashing problem) fixed and we’ve got our fingers crossed that the new roof will be up before it starts raining again.

Three out of four critters were curious about the truck unloading the shingles and loading them on the roof via the conveyer belt.  They kept sticking their heads through the blinds and the rattling was driving me nuts. I finally opened them so the cats and dog could see easier.  Steve, Roxie and Thor ended up spending most of the day looking out the window, even after the excitement of the delivery was over.


Speaking of deliveries, a surprise delivery arrived all the way from India!  Inside the package were two amazing items, courtesy of Swapna.  First, she sent this amazing set of Denise, interchangeable knitting needles.  They are made with casein, which was a material a physical therapist suggested I try knitting with because it is supposed to be gentler than metal and more durable than many woods.  I. Love. These. Needles.  The Olympic knitting project that will not be done for a long time is currently on a set of them now.


The second item(s) in the package was this set of hand-woven mug rugs.  They are made of cotton and they have the loveliest shade of periwinkle with the cream and beige!  Swapna is crazy-talented with her weaving skills. I’ve put them in my display cabinet under my special teacups, china and family keepsakes.


Other non-knitting activities include the usual kid ferrying between schools and extra-curricular activities (I often have A1 drive).  A1 and I have also been on the hunt for a prom dress.  This is harder than you might think because most of the offerings are often tacky, slutty or way out of our budget (starting at $400).  

Elsewhere, I joined a gym!  Not a weight-lifting, steroid-laden, sweat-filled gym, but rather a large chain.  There are classes for the more graceful to participate in, free weights, stationary equipment and a lap pool.  The last feature is my favorite because if I lose my balance no one can tell.  I am not a good swimmer, but it feels great to get out and move several times a week.  The gym claims to have a “sauna”, but they really don’t.  It is a cedar-lined room with an electric stove where the temperature raises when you turn a knob.  A sauna is supposed to have a stove (wood or other) with rocks on top.  Once the rocks are hot the sauna is ready to start. There should be a bucket of water with a large ladle nearby so  people can challenge each other to endurance contests with skin-boiling steam.  There are no rocks in this room.  There is no water.  There is no steam.  It’s just a hot closet.  Sorry, but growing up with Finnish family members meant that we had a small house next to ours made just for taking saunas (clothing was optional). 

Hopefully, by the end of this weekend, I’ll have the Katniss Cowl finished and I’ll be able to convince one of the girls to model it for photographic evidence.  Cheers!



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5 responses to “Snow, Gifts And A Cowl In Progress

  1. Karen O

    You’re right–it’s not a sauna; it’s a cedar-lined desert. Good luck on the cowl! So happy that you now have needles that you love. 🙂 HUGS!

  2. Casein is a milk protein. So neat!
    I dunno about that cowl. Wishing you all the best luck and hope that sucker goes fast.

    Love that photo of the audience on the sofa. How nice of you to provide entertainment for the fur kids.

  3. Glad to see you back and well. I have abandoned bloggy, get more response and action on Facebook, so look me up there. Glenda Gerrard

  4. I was starting to wonder where you’d gotten to. Glad all is well and I’m very interested to see the cowl

  5. Anonymous

    I was going to tell you about casein too. In fact lots of vintage needles are made of them and my cats have always loved to chew them…so take care.
    We have had no snow this year! and a false spring has produced shoots on the plants in the yard. No doubt Mother Nature will now send some snow.
    Cheers Gillian

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