It’s not much to brag about, but my “knitting blog” contains some actual knitting!  First up, the Katniss Cowl for A1’s cosplay for an upcoming convention.


Next, here is an afghan in its infantile stages.  I’m slow and haven’t had, what I deem, to be enough time between other tasks to do much with it… so, it languishes in the knitting basket.


Something that is not suffering from neglect is the spinning wheel.  Last night, after many months of disuse, I broke out some Meriboo from Spunky Eclectic and started some singles.  


And finally, I met some local ladies this afternoon for a couple of hours of knitting.  A portable sock, started long ago, was plucked from the WIP shelf.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember what I was did, where I intended to go with the pattern (it was an idea I had), or even the best way to incorporate a heel cup with the previously knitted eye-of-the-partridge heel flap.  I ended up frogging it back and the sock might be downgraded to a fingerless mitten.

The others who brought their knitting made leaps and bounds with their projects.  Sharon was working on these amazing colorwork mittens.


Minna finished a vest.  The color gradations are gorgeous and this picture does not give justice to the garment!minnavest

And Miss Ellie, even completed some stitches on a dark green scarf!


Getting out of the house was thoroughly enjoyable. It served as a much-needed break from the daily stresses born of mundane activities.  Hopefully this event can be repeated, with even more people next month.

In non-fiber news.  My parents stopped by on their way through town a few days ago.  They came laden with stacks of fabric.  My mom is giving it to my girls so they can practice sewing.  

The critters are up to their usual antics, in fact, a demanding squirrel is glaring at me through the window as I type.  Those particular rodents are not high on my favorite list right now.  I had hoped that at least a few of my hydrangea and daffodil bulbs had survived their scavenging, but a few days ago curiosity prompted me to dig into the pots in search of green shoots.  No bulbs, but the little jerks had buried peanuts in their place.  Cheap flowers were purchased so the pots are no longer bare.   Spring can’t come soon enough.  Cheers!



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4 responses to “Finally!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Squirrels and rabbits are hideously destructive, cute, but quite awful. I encourage Groverthewonderdog to go after them whenever possible, although he couldn’t catch one unless it was stricken and fell right in front of him, and, yes, this is what I call a run-on sentence. It’s good to hear from you and the blankie and the cowl are quite lovely.

  2. Cowl looks great

    Okay – I totally laughed at the squirrel leaving you peanuts…. my bulbs are still safe under a pile of snow…. or so I hope!

  3. Anonymous

    I would love to have a squirrel in my yard because that would mean I had room for wild critters. I have a cat on a lead (see my blog) and jackdaws annoy him. Love that you are still knitting…my stiff fingers are holding me back a bit.
    Cheers Gillian

  4. The Katnis cowl is beautiful. Good work! And the spinning – oh drool! The afghan – wonderful red. Lots of cables?

    When I complained about squirrels digging up my daffodil bulbs, a co-worker suggested I wrap them in chicken wire. “That would do it!” I exclaimed, “But how do you catch the little suckers in the first place?”

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