In Which Many Things Are Started…

but, alas, nothing is completed. This applies to housework, paperwork, kid duties, and even crafts.  I’m still  working on the plying portion of the Merino/Bamboo roving.  I like the sheen of this yarn, but the stiffness added by the bamboo made the roving a little tricky to draft. The result being that the worsted weight yarn isn’t as consistent as I’d like.  Once it’s blocked it may even out some more.  I predict approximately 400 yards of yarn once it’s done.  No particular project is planned for this.  


I began sewing the rhinestones, crystals and little pearls onto the fabric to make A1’s belt for her prom dress.  It’s slow-going because each cluster must have a new thread started so there won’t be any visible threads between the beads.  I’m using a wire, beading needles so the mesh isn’t torn. Plans are to cut around the beadwork so it looks like it is floating, or a part of the gown. There are some ghostly orange streaks in the picture that are nowhere to be found on the actual belt.


In addition to these endeavors, A1 has also requested that I completely re-sew the seams on a leather jacket that is too big.  It is for a cosplay she will do in April at Sakura-Con.

“Extra” time this week was spent making arrangements to get my van repaired.  Somebody turned in front of me on the highway.  It was an honest mistake and we were able to get the damage fixed with no out-of-pocket expenses.  The logistics involved and hours of phone calls were obnoxious though.

Minute amounts of knitting have been added to what was once a sock, but is now turning into a fingerless mitt.  Pictures to come later. I’ve been making some bracelets with a variety of beads and other materials, but I cannot show pictures until next week.

Elsewhere, I’ve started Bonny on a kitty diet and exercise regime.  She is quite fat and it’s starting to adversely effect her health.  Her breathing sounds labored and she walks like her joints hurt.  She is taking daily meds for the arthritis. She enjoys the laser-light toy, but not as much as the other critters. Not much else to report from Vancouver at this time.  Hope you are all well.



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3 responses to “In Which Many Things Are Started…

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    You crack me up. “Not much else….” Crikey, grrl, your dull sounds busy as heck!!! Best of luck with Bonny’s diet. Just getting her moving is helping.

  2. Omg – that beading is amazing!

  3. Housework and paperwork is never finished. That’s why I love craft projects. The belt and the yarn are flipping gorgeous! Tell the kid to sew her own jacket.

    Poor Bonny. Us old girls HATE diet and exercise. My husband is fixing a frittata with hash browns, onions, pulled pork, cheese and bacon. I had oatmeal and a banana. Then we’ll walk a mile to the bank and back. WHINE!!

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