Mid Birthday Post

March is a heavy birthday month in our circle of acquaintances.  Yesterday three people I know had birthdays, including my one and only sister.  I haven’t seen her yet, as she and my brother-in-law took a mini-vacation to parts unknown.  The next time I see her I’ll give her the presents I made for her.  First, is this lacy tank made of Elsebeth LaVold’s Silky Wool.   I didn’t have enough of the yarn to make a big project, but luckily, my sister just happens to be a small person!  That being said, please keep in mind that it will NOT be this tight on her.  


Here is a closeup of the bottom lace.  I think it was “Horseshoe Lace”, but I could be wrong.  I took a random stitch pattern out of a book several years ago and made the pattern up.  Originally I intended to make short sleeves on it, but yarn ran out.


Her second present is a cranberry bracelet.  I commissioned Karen to make the white beads with the vines and berries.  She is quite talented!  The little glass “cranberries” between the white beads were purchased from a local bead store.


Friday the girls didn’t have any school.  A2 had a picnic with a friend in a park, while A3, Thor and I occupied ourselves elsewhere.  I did try taking a stealth picture with my zoom, but it isn’t very clear.  Although it was sunny, temperatures still aren’t that high.


Yesterday we made a visit to our friend in Independence, OR.  He is getting ready to go in for major surgery and will be staying in Seattle for several weeks.  We took Thor with us.  I helped him take a selfie on the ride down.


The poor pooch is having skin issues, so we’re trying different treatments for him.  The vet seems to think he has allergies, possibly to fleas, although we’ve not had a flea problem with him.  Thor has really bad dandruff so I’m thinking food might be a culprit. 

For the road trip I took the “once-was-going-to-be-a-sock-but-turned-into-a-mitten” project. 


Failure to write down instructions mean that when (if) a mate is ever completed there is a good chance that it may not be an exact mirror image.

Tomorrow my mom, Karen and Brian’s late aunt Peggy all share a birthday.  There are a few others, but my memory is atrocious.  Cheers!



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3 responses to “Mid Birthday Post

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Lucky Sister!! That’s a really cool top. I cannot believe A2 is getting so grown up. Where has the time gone? And, Thor? Seriously? You have him exactly where he wants you. Hugs!!!

  2. Love the top! I hope Thor is feeling better soon!

  3. KarenO

    I have some thoughts about the doggie food issue. I’ll have to find the links I sent to Sharon. Happy birthday to your Mom!

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