Due to the impending Anime’ convention in Seattle this month all knitting, spinning and other selfish endeavors have been set aside to help my minions daughters prepare for the big event.  Who am I kidding, I serve them, not the other way around.

We sort of have a work area in the garage set aside, but it is uninsulated, needs a dividing wall between it and the main part of the garage and a HEAT SOURCE!  It’s cold as balls out there.  The good news is that we have a brand spanking new sewing machine for sewing and “editing”costumes, as my middle daughter refers to altering.  It is a bare-bones, heavy-duty machine that makes me happy.  It zips through several layers of leather or heavy material like it’s nothing!


I hope to get my old machine in reasonable working order so two machines can be running simultaneously because we have a lot to finish.  Three rave (pg-13 style) outfits, three gowns for a masquerade ball, and numerous outfits for daily wear must be built, repaired, embellished, etc.  The workbench next to the sewing table is already cluttered with a variety of craft supplies and miscellaneous “weaponry” in progress.


The cupboards below are well-stocked with assorted tools, including a sander, dremel, heat gun, several hot glue guns, hack saws, etc.  At some point we hope to convert and organize the various items into one well-stocked and comfortable work, play area, where nerds of all variety feel welcome to hang out and read, watch movies or create cool stuff.  Currently the willy-nilly collection of treasures and artwork is strewn about the house.  Here are some of the things that bring joy to my family…



Some of my dh’s sci-fi toys



Armor bits and headwear stashed atop the wardrobe. Not sure what the scythe head was from.



Dh’s really old Star Wars posters.



Anime’ and original artwork.



Wigs, weapons and miscellaneous debris.



A3’s favorite characters.



Assorted wall scrolls.

Previously worn cosplays are, by and large, piled in a wardrobe in bags, but eventually we need to hang them neatly in garment bags, touch up wigs, etc. and put them on stands so they aren’t ruined. 

When our ideal area is completed I shall make a huge sign saying, “Welcome to Nerdvana” and hang it on the door.  Cheers!




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2 responses to “Nerdvana

  1. Nerd heaven! I love it!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    That is absolutely the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. You rock Nerddom!!!!!!

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