So Much Time, So Little To Do

Wait, scratch that, reverse it.

Everything has been a blurry, flurry, hurry-up haze.  A1 is getting ready to graduate from high school, which means lots of project finishing, planning, prom preparations, etc.  We are still waiting for official word from the school regarding how many tickets we’re allotted so we know who can attend.  We’re tentatively planning a small celebratory party at our house for friends and family, but it most likely will not be on the graduation day.


Over Easter weekend  we crammed every square centimeter of the van with clothes, costumes, food, toiletries, etc. and went to Seattle for Sakura-Con.  The convention seemed rather subdued compared to previous years.  I credit the wet, blustery weather and over-zealous, rude security (not convention staff or volunteers) for being kill-joys to what, in the past, has been sheer joy and exhuberance.  We’ve still not made our family video (modern version of the terrible vacation slide shows people politely viewed in the past), but here are a few photographs of our immediate family.

A1 as Katniss and S. as Rue from The Hunger Games

A1 as Katniss and S. as Rue from The Hunger Games

My DH as a Jedi, taking on two clones

My DH as a Jedi, taking on two clones

Me, as Grell, a Shingami Death God), with A3 as a Minecraft Creeper She

Me, as Grell, a Shinigami Death God, with A3 as a Minecraft Creeper.

A2, kneeling, as Mikasa from Attack on Titan

A2, kneeling, as Mikasa from Attack on Titan

I have been assured that the girls will help me create the video.  Once complete, I’ll post a link because I know everyone is anxiously awaiting!

A2 has tennis most nights after school and she’s also been busy with school projects.  Here she is modeling a dress she created out of paper for her Marketing class.


I’m still working on the beading for A1’s prom dress.  Only one small knitting project has been completed during the last month.  It was a mandrake for a friend’s daughter.


Several of the squirrels who frequently visit have become mamas!  They eat constantly and are very territorial of their food (probably because they’re lactating).  One lady, in particular, really dominates the back patio.  In this video two other squirrels gang up to distract her long enough so they can get peanuts.

We had two warm, sunny days last week, but now we’re back to cold rain and wind. So sick of rain. Cheers!



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3 responses to “So Much Time, So Little To Do

  1. The prom dress will be exquisite! A1 is a lucky, lucky girl!
    The paper dress totally rocks! What kind (s) of paper did she use? Very professional looking.

    Your family always makes the cons look so good! Can’t wait for the video. Roxie

  2. That looks like a whole lot of fun shoved into a short period of time!

  3. Gillian

    WOW! Graduation already!!!
    I seem to remember this blog when there were three small girls in it. Congratulations A1…a great achievement and hope the night goes really well.
    All the other news is great too.
    Cheers Gillian

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