Mother’s Day Weekend

It rains so much here in Washington State that many people moving here from other places choose to leave after a few years.  I was born and raised among the clouds, so after 46 years a little rain should be no big deal. But dammit, this spring has had me considering a move to Arizona.  Torrential rains have rotted my vegetable starts, kept us from mowing the lawn and the kids are making me crazy because we’ve all been cooped up in the house most days.  That being said, when the sun does come out there is no place on earth as beautiful as the Pacific North West.   This weekend we had sun!

Saturday was A1’s Senior Prom.  I finished the beading on her dress, replaced the zipper and had it ready with time to spare.  She did her own hair and make-up divinely and ended up looking like a Greek Goddess.  Here is the prerequisite Dad and Daughter picture.  We are unabashedly nerdy and crossing Star Trek with Star Wars is acceptable behavior in our family.


Here is A1 posing with her date for the evening, N. A friend of the family came and took pictures of the prom adventure.  The pictures he took turned out much, much better than mine.  The entire affair was ridiculously well-documented, to include pictures of their meals at the restaurant.



I did not knit a special shawl for A1, but I really wanted to.  Instead she used the shawl that my Grandma Helen crocheted for me in 1980.  I wore it to my 8th grade graduation/moving up ceremony.



After the dance, A1 went to Tigard to spend the night with her friend, Siniva, so we didn’t see her again until the next evening.

Mother’s Day morning I slept in and at about 7:00 am my DH surprised me with breakfast in bed.  He makes the best pancakes ever!  Lots of real butter and maple syrup. Mmm.

That afternoon A2, A3, my DH and I drove down to Portland to walk through The Grotto.  It is so peaceful and serene.  Latin chants play softly over loud speakers and echo off the rock walls.  We purposely arrived after Mass, so as not to disturb the worshipers.  A2 and A3 were extremely excited to see a nun in her complete habit, wimple, etc. and to see a monk wearing robes.    



The two girls can be seen in the picture below standing at the alter. They are wearing a brown, leather jacket and a blue plaid shirt.



I cannot remember for sure, but I believe this statue was of St. Peregrine.   There were a lot of shrines, to include the Stations of the Cross, so I got things mixed up a little.



My family touring the lower trails.



The holy slug.



Me and my DH in front of one of the stations.  I can’t remember what he said that made me look at him, but I would like to draw attention to this sweater.  I knitted it 24 years ago and it’s managed to last nearly a quarter of a century without being destroyed by my lack of laundering skills.



A3 trying to puzzle out what is taking place in the castings.



We didn’t want to pay the $4.50 each to ride the elevator to the upper part of the sanctuary, so we hopped back in the car and drove up to Vancouver to take a walk along the Columbia River.



Lots of people were out enjoying the sunshine and because it was Mother’s Day the lines to get into the restaurants were backed up into the parking lots.  We opted for soft-serve cones instead.


The squirrels are getting bolder and more demanding with each passing day. This morning one didn’t want to wait for breakfast so she came knocking on my bedroom screen door.  By the time I walked into the dining room she was already at that side of the house waiting impatiently between the screen and the glass for her peanuts.  Note to self: remember to keep all window and door screens secured! 


That evening I spoke to my mom and my sister (separate phone calls) and we all wished one another a heartfelt, “Happy Mother’s Day!”  We were surprised to learn that all of our cards had been lost in the mail.  This was particularly disturbing because, as I told my sister,  there was a $100 bill in hers.  Apparently mine had included a spa gift certificate.  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!




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2 responses to “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Wow – your squirrels are even more pushy than mine! Love that slug too!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    What a lovely weekend. And, you and your sister are horrible liars.

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