Woolly Wednesday

A1 graduated with all due pomp and circumstance!  There were 299 Seniors in her graduating class, but in spite of the size, the ceremony moved quickly.





In addition to A2, A3, her dad and me, my parents and Dan and Zoe also attended to cheer her on. She proceeded immediately to the all-night Senior party and we picked her up at the school the next morning.  She has already started working as a nanny to a 5 month old girl and is considering other work as well.  She plans on saving up money for travelling before deciding what career choice she wishes to study for.  

I was finally able to give my mom her birthday present (her birthday was in March, but I hadn’t seen her in person until this week), so now I can post pictures of it here.



The main body is the Feather Duster Shawl pattern, but I wanted to make it a little longer so I added a standard feather and fan stitch edging.  The mystery yarn came from a bag of sock yarn I picked up at the GoodWill store last year.

My fingers have been swollen up like sausages in the mornings so knitting isn’t an option, but that’s okay because I have another fibery goal to reach at the moment.  I’m spinning 350 grams of roving into thick singles.  When finished I would like to weave them into a plaid length consisting of the natural, with stripes of carbon gray running both directions. 



I have great incentive to finish the spinning portion of this summer project quickly.  In a few weeks Karen is coming down to pick up my wheel so she can work on a project she is undertaking.  There are few people I would trust with my baby, but she is one of them. 

Today and tomorrow are half days for my two younger girls and then they’re off for the summer.  A2 was hoping to pick up some babysitting work and A3 has plans to join a summer book club and participate in activities with our local library. 

The animals are all fine and furry (finny, in the fish’s case).  Thor has a wee bit of infection in his nether regions.  Without going into great detail, the reason for his issues stem from over-attentive actions with a fond stuffed animal, the latter of which has been relocated out of his reach.  Roxie continues her daily “romps” with the squirrels from behind the safety of the sliding glass door. I don’t know what any of them would do in a face-to-face meeting.


Back to my wool before Mom’s Taxi has to head out to retrieve kids from school. Cheers!








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3 responses to “Woolly Wednesday

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Thanks for the visit. I do so enjoy them!

  2. Congrats to A1!
    And I love the cat/squirrel interaction – mine just sit there and stare lazily out the door.

  3. Marion

    Your daughter is beautiful and looks just like you!
    Congratulations to having one done and two to go.

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