Old Things

I adore old things. They have character, were often handmade and have survived the ravages of history.  IMG_2338

Although the age of these whistles is unknown, they are utterly charming and hold a place of honor in my display cabinet.  When filled with water they emit joyful, warbling bird-like calls.  They belonged to my late mother-in-law.


These marbles belonged to my husband during the 1960s and 1970s. They’re so colorful and fun! He wanted to toss them out with donations to the Goodwill when we moved, but I pulled them out of the box and they now reside in a lovely piece of old carnival glass.  There are huge quantities of antique carnival glass mixed among my eclectic finds (and packed in bins in the garage and attic) because my mother-in-law collected it for years.


For as long as I can remember my own mom has collected Staffordshire Blue Calico dishes and she keeps them neatly in glass-front cupboards in her kitchen.  The crisp blue and white is so classic!  This week I found my very own Blue Calico cup and saucer at an antique/second hand shop in Vancouver.  The pattern and markings on the bottom match my mom’s dishes, but this set looks a lot lighter than I remember hers being.


The top of my display case is a mish-mash of old items I’ve collected over the years.  The only new item is the handmade berry scoop my brother made for me several years ago (it’s between the cranberry box and they yellow crock of vintage kitchen gadgets). 


This exquisite needle-punched embroidery has  a bit of mystery surrounding it.  This came from my Grandma Helen’s house.  My mom and Aunt Joan have similar pictures as well.  Someone told me they came from Finland long ago and were made by a family member but my dad said they came from Raymond, WA.  From what I can tell, the artwork was made in Finland and they were framed at a shop in Raymond.  Sadly, I was trying to clean this today and I broke the glass, so I’ll need to pick up another sheet.

All of these old things make me happy, but absolutely none of them come close to making me happy as this old thing.  Ta da!


This is my DH as a wee babe.  Today he turns 50!


With his mom, older brother and dad when he was 4 years old.


Age 6


At 19, during Air Force Basic Training


With his friend, Larry, in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, 1990


August 15, 1992


Giving the girls a “Dinosaur” ride, 2003


Spanaway, 2006



Napping with Steven, his little buddy



Center, mouth open, being promoted to Chief Master Sergeant.

Happy birthday, my sweet husband.  You are a good man, a great dad and my best friend!



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3 responses to “Old Things

  1. mom

    Not to mention a pretty good son-in-law too……Happy B day Brian…Here’s to the next 50

  2. Happy Birthday to your guy – and I love the bowl of marbles – now I wish I’d kept mine!

  3. Happy 50th! Your hubby beat me by a month. I love the picture of the dinosaur ride – the face says it all. Congrats to him for making it this far!!

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