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Productivity is not possible without several morning cups of coffee.  The smell, the warmth on my hands as they encircle the heavenly cup, the first delicate sip, that warm, tingly rush of caffeine awakening synapses from sleep… coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s an experience.  Even at bedtime, as I drift off to sleep, I’m anticipating my morning coffee… almost as much as I anticipate the hot bath that ends each day before I’m even up, dressed and active. I’ll not dwell or expound on my evening soaks, but they are lovely!  These small rituals content and fulfill me.  Should society fall to anarchy and chaos, disrupting the flow of hot water and the importing of coffee beans then I’d seriously reconsider existence. Reliance on these habits enabled me to transform the front of our house from this…


into this.



Changes weren’t made overnight.  During the interim months, roses (planted by a real gardener long before we moved here) grew and bloomed.  The lavender bushes transplanted from our old house filled out and blossomed as well.


But as with all good things, the roses lost their petals while sending thorny branches to the eaves of the house and the lavender buds started opening.  So three days ago I downed my coffee, gloved up and began pruning and cleaning.  The late-blooming roses were clipped, but not so artfully arranged, and brought inside, while the remaining stalks and leaves met the compost pile.



The naked, exposed porch railings looked so drab and shabby that I painted them to match the door trim.  In turn, that made the garage trim look grungy, so it got a quick up-grade as well.  It looked cleaner, but now stark, glaring whiteness (the paint wasn’t really white, but it looks white outside) blinded me from all angles. Although they cannot be seen in the second picture, there are lots of colorful annuals and a few perennials now planted in the flower bed.  The American Flag was replaced and bunting hung for the upcoming holiday (US Independence Day).  

Now I can sit here and indulge my addiction.



The meager garden planted in the box next to the garage grows at a snail’s pace. A few miniscule zucchini finally appeared.



Some potted tomato plants struggle to produce as well.



Unfortunately, during the past 24 hours monsoon force rains have flooded the flower beds and I don’t know if anything will survive the new lake or if the wee plants will drown and rot.

Today’s plans include cycling through a goodly portion of Mt. Laundry, making three batches of strawberry jam and trying to finish a few rows of an Argyle sock.


Knitting socks flat seems counter-intuitive.  There are tutorials for knitting Argyle in the round, but I wanted to try the traditional method.

Elsewhere, I’ve been attempting more volunteer work in the community.  I hope to contribute mostly time, or at least food and clothing, twice a week this summer.

The DH, girls and critters are all well. Cheers!





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2 responses to “The Following Has Been Brought To You By…

  1. mom

    The house and garden look great….about the socks….just knit some white ones ( or better yet buy them) then get some fabric pens and…well you can guess the rest….don’t you remember how I did stuff…..tell Brian the card is still coming

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