Cosplay Picnic

This afternoon my DH and I took A2 and A3 to a Cosplay picnic at Peninsula Park in Portland.  None of us had been there before.  Not only was it extremely easy to find and quick drive from Vancouver, but the park is breath-taking.  Literally, the perfume from the rose gardens smelled heavenly!


The park was also extremely well-kept, with no graffiti or garbage strewn about.  I love the brickwork and classic styling of the fountain, hedged gardens, gazebo and walkways.  


Immediately to the north of the gazebo is a baseball diamond, a large open field, a playground and picnic shelters.  At the far north end of the park is a community center and pool.  To date, this is my favorite park in Portland.  But today wasn’t about public venue ratings, it was about the meet up.  

Characters in the following pictures are identified to the best of my ability, but please forgive me if someone is inadvertently misnamed.  


All from the anime’, “Soul Eater”, Medusa, Death The Kid (DTK), Soul Eater Evans, Professor Frank N. Stein.  I do not know who is dressed as Medusa, but second from the left is A3 as DTK, A2 as Soul and yours truly as Stein.  ps, I’m supposed to look bored or slightly crazy… or both.


DTK and a casual version of Ciel Phantomhive.


Dragon Ball Z Character.  This athletic young man was able to hold this pose for several seconds at a time for pictures!



Random roses


Soul Eater Evans exploring the garden maze


A distant shot with lots of characters


Silly Titanic reenactment with A2 (Soul) and A3 (DTK)


Sailor Neptune (From “Sailor Moon”), Thumbelina, from the movie, “Thumbelina” and Sailor Uranus (also from “Sailor Moon”)


Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”


Original Character.  This lady’s husband created this for her and it was his first time making armor!


Close up of her armor.


From left to right: A hipster Jean from “Attack On Titan” who is wearing a swim team jacket from “Free”, Kenny from “South Park”, DTK, Luigi, Casual Ciel Phantomhive wearing a unicorn hoody and Levi from “Attack on Titan”.


skies to the east

Storm clouds threatened all around us, but only a few small drops fell during the three hours we were there. I packed about 20 sandwiches, bananas, apples and water bottles.  Before most of it was eaten I packed up a meal for a homeless man who was searching through garbage bins looking for cans and bottles to return for money.  My DH said that he most likely threw it all away once out of our sight because most people just want cash.  He looked like he could use a meal and the fact that I had a giant screw going through my head and stitches criss-crossing my face didn’t seem to phase him too much, although he did seem a bit apprehensive when we first approached him and struck up a conversation. 

Now that we’re back home everyone is napping.  I envy their ability to sleep during daylight hours!  A1 has been busy with friends and work since graduation.  Two rows on the Argyle socks were knitted! Cheers!



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5 responses to “Cosplay Picnic

  1. You are so awesome. Looks like the girls and you had fun.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I love your Cosplay adventures. What a nice day for all four of you. And, you can never go wrong giving food to the homeless. Just because they don’t kiss our feet doesn’t mean they don’t really appreciate it. Often they are ashamed. It breaks my heart and your kindness was wonderful, Dear Friend.

  3. Looks like a fabulous day!

  4. You guys do know how to have fun!

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