Feels Like Summer!

The days have heated up nicely over the past week and it finally feels like a real summer. We celebrated a quiet Independence Day at home.  My DH barbecued, then after dinner we drove around and looked at the fireworks.  We had a sack with some sparklers and ground flowers that we discovered when we moved, so we lit those up following the drive and called it a night.  Others in the area blew things up in grand style, so sleep was intermittent due to the Earth-shattering KaBooms.

The argyle socks were set aside for now because they demand attention while knitting in order to avoid an undue tangle of yarn and frustration. At the top of my WIP basket was the afghan I’d started several months back.  Reasons for procrastinating on this particular project were two-fold.  First, it was too bulky and awkward to take places and second, I just didn’t like it.  The pattern looked fine on one side, but the back of the blanket was extremely unattractive.  I frogged the whole thing and decided to begin anew, but this time I incorporated a reversible cable pattern so the blanket looks the same on both sides. I work on it during the evenings and hope to be finished with it within a month.



On Saturday we all went to the zoo.  The last time we’d all gone together was in 2007!

dscn1973 (1)

A1, A3, A2 with the seals, December 2007, I took this picture


A3, A2 and me, 2014, taken by A1!  The seals were nowhere to be seen though.


A2 feeding nectar to a larakeet.

The heat kicked the garden into full-on grow mode and the zucchini plants are now up above my waist. Steven insists on supervising each watering, fertilizing and weeding session personally.   


There are a lot of green tomatoes on several of the plants, but others aren’t thriving as well.  They’re all being grown in pots.  Earlier this year I unearthed some random boards in the yard and I may try building a narrow bed and sticking them all in there so the roots have a little more room.  Moving plants mid-season isn’t the wisest of choices, but the poor plants are really crowded.  



We’ve eaten several zucchinis and the plants are sending off lots more squash.  I’ll let a few get really big for shredding and baking.  If we get enough then I plan on making a small batch of relish too.


We have an abundance of small branches collected during yard clean-up, so I’ve woven several small trellises for the peas and cucumbers.  Right now about 10 baby cukes (about 2 inches long each) are growing on the plants and there are a lot of blossoms.


Last month I made strawberry jam and now I’m just waiting for raspberries to come into season to make some jelly.  I’m glad to finally be growing and putting up some food again, even if it’s on a small scale.  Next year I hope to have twice as much growing space.  My DH is insistent on not getting any chickens, but maybe someday, if we move, we can get a few ladies to keep around for eggs.

The cats, dog, fish and squirrels are all happy and over-nourished. I’m trying to coordinate a trip to my parents’ house, but finding a time there my DH, A1 and my parents are all available is a bit tricky. Cheers!



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2 responses to “Feels Like Summer!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Raspberries are done here. We are on blackberries now. You are so very creative and busy. I can’t believe how the girls have grown up. And, I like that afghan. It’s beautiful and cheery!! Hugs, kiddle!

  2. Love the then and now zoo pics. And Steve…. I have a garden helper too – his name is Rocky and he’s so NOT helpful!

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