Little Hot Happies

Reaching temperatures in the 100 degree Fahrenheit range is not unheard of in the Pacific northwest, but just like when it snows in the winter, any time the mercury rises above 90 in the summer, weather makes headlines and dominates the news here.  I’ve no idea why. Heat in the summer and snow in the winter… it happens.  We do have air conditioning at our house (it’s a medical necessity for me), so the heat isn’t a big deal as long as I stay inside.  Being trapped inside during summer isn’t fun for the girls though, so excursions to water, not contaminated by e-coli, which also happens often in our local lakes, is high on the agenda.  But we can’t always head to the lake or river, so on those days we seek more mundane sources of joy and entertainment.

My husband’s little red car sports a wickedly nerdy sun visor.  I LOVE this!  He’d drive with it, if possible.


The squirrels in our backyard enjoy little pans of ice water and flattening themselves against the cool concrete in the shade.


Another summer perk includes garage sales.  I just love finding a bargain!  I do bring my own water bottle so I have an excuse to not solicit tykes selling lemonade and Kool Aid by the glass, but I usually donate a quarter to their cause.  I’m not terribly picky when it comes to types of food and drinks, but thinking about little grubby hands mixing my drinks is cringe-worthy.  I always think of Vacation!


I love that series of movies. They’re always good for a laugh.  Hope everyone finds things that make them happy!



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2 responses to “Little Hot Happies

  1. Love the sun visor – and that squirrel pick just kills me!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    The pond attracts my wildlife, including Killer and other feral kitties. Just adding a bit of water attracts the birds and the squirrels. Stay cool. We’re 95 today, but in the 80’s at the end of the week. Not bad for summer in Middle Earth. BTW, I adore Brian’s sunshade. Coolest one I’ve ever seen.

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