A2 took some amazing pictures of the Super Moon last night! 


Lunar influences turned our house upside down.  Here are A3 and I practicing voodoo in the kitchen.


Just kidding!  We were up to antics, but not of the gory variety.  A3 has this strange ability to sit with her shoulder blades protruding from her back above her collar line, so when her head is bent she could easily pass for Ichabod Crane after his run in with the headless horseman.   No decapitation occurred, but her long, thick tresses are now a stunning shade of red!  She has so much hair that two boxes were almost not enough to cover it.  Her eyes look really green now, but she wouldn’t let me photograph her straight on.


A3 wasn’t the only family member to undergo a transformation.  A2 grew tired of darkening her hair so we had it lightened professionally at a local salon.  This is pretty close to her natural hair color (it was almost white when she was little).  Again, another side shot because my girls do not like pictures being taken.


It’s cool because now I have a brunette, a blonde and a redhead!

Before the temperatures climbed too high yesterday I nailed together a new tomato bed, re-planted the tomatoes and then stuck about 100 little trees in around the tomatoes.  This is just a foster home for the trees and I have about 400 more folded into damp towels until I can find temporary spaces for them as well.  I pulled all of the little starts out of the neighborhood road median a few days ago.  I’m hoping that most of them will survive and grow a bit before this fall.  A dear friend of mine has requested that 50 people each plant 50 trees for her 50th birthday.  I hope to provide a bunch of the little seedlings to put towards her goal.


Still knitting on the afghan.  I’m in that stage where no matter how much I knit it doesn’t seem to be growing, so I refuse to take pictures.

I’m on a temporary course of steroids for non- Multiple Sclerosis health reasons and they are wreaking a moderate degree of havoc with me, so I do not predict an exciting week full of hair-raising adventures; however, I’m still hopeful that a meet up with my parents at a lake several hours away can happen and my DH has suggested taking the girls up to Seafair in Seattle to participate in a Cosplay entry in the torchlight parade. 




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3 responses to “Lunacy!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I hope you can go to the lake and to the Cosplay event. My goodness, your girls are so grown up and all so exquisitely beautiful!!!!!!

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