It’s Been 84 years!

Okay, slight exaggeration, but it has been 5 years since my last post.  So much has changed in our world that I scarce know where to begin, but rather than pay homage to , or try to make sense of world events, I’ll focus on summarizing our family’s changes.

Firstly, some constants:  We still live in the same, little, home.  My husband is still employed for the same entity, but in a different department.  We still have one dog and three kitties, with a plethora of visiting squirrels knocking on our back door for peanuts.

Things that are different:

  1. A1, my eldest daughter, married her boyfriend, B., back in 2015.  11889573_10207065109758818_6067990378244914376_n11923562_10207065116318982_2199024636572088935_nHe enlisted in the Air Force and they moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming for three years.
  2. His enlistment ended back in March of 2019, and they returned to our home town, BUT, they had a baby in January!  He is, without exception, my most favorite human being on the planet.  Baby O is gorgeous, healthy, happy, brilliant, and it’s a privilege to spend my days with him.   I babysit while they are at work. Lots of pictures to follow.79775314_10219937908050730_7493966058840129536_o



A2 graduated from high school in 2017.  Since then she has lived with us, worked, and saved up enough money to start college this last fall.  She’s working extremely hard and we’re very proud.


She is still dating her boyfriend, J, of four years.  He is almost done with Air Force Basic Training down in San Antonio.  They are not sure yet where he will be stationed or what their futures will hold. 17523697_10211935417913478_7245953670983292792_n

3. After many years of discussion, medical and psychological meetings, we learned that A3 is now, officially, M1. 51973151_10217586576508911_8541385754859798528_n

M1 is now a Senior in high school.  He loves sewing and constructing costumes and is extremely talented with makeup.


O adores his Uncle M!


In addition to kid farming, B and I have taken on a few new hobbies.  I’ve volunteered at a local cat rescue for 5 years (taking a small break right now).  One of B’s lifelong dreams of becoming a Stormtrooper has finally come true.  He now is part of the 501st, Star Wars, costuming and charity group.  Let me introduce TK-88406!


I’m not as cool as B, but not wanting to miss the fun, I joined up as an Imperial Officer.  It’s like being a background character in a movie.  Watching the reactions of kids, and adults, makes this a rewarding and fun pastime. 31124274_1583418785090308_4874792549589450752_o (1).jpg

B also took up Tae Kwon Do this year!


He loves the classes and new friends he’s made (picture was him being silly).

There have been some losses and setbacks over the years, but nothing worse than most people endure.  Knitting is largely a memory. 😉  I still do it, but finished projects seem fewer and further between completion.  I still have M.S., because darn it, there’s still no cure. Time spent with friends and family becomes more precious, as obligations makes visits more rare.  I hope to resume writing regularly, but make no promises.  Cheers!



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6 responses to “It’s Been 84 years!

  1. Anonymous

    So nice to read all about your family Heide! You have a full life! I’ve been keeping up on things on Facebook but always nice to hear more of your thoughts on all that’s going on in your life. Isn’t being a Granma the best! It’s Amazing how much love and pride you can have fort the little minions! 😊 Thank you so much for continuing to be a dear friend even after so many years apart! As for MS.. Keep fighting the good fight! You amaze me the way you keep doing so much and keeping your life so full regardless of your personal struggle!

  2. I hope I can get together with you again really soon so we can spend more than just an hour…don’t get me wrong, it was a delightful hour, but far too short a visit. Love you!

  3. Congratulations on all the wonderful changes in your life! I’ve missed seeing what your crafty, talented family has gotten up to!

  4. Marion F Fetters

    I’m glad we are friends on facebook but this is nice. I don’t read too many blogs anymore so I’m glad I get yours in an email.

  5. tom esau

    i looked up an old friend (from massachusetts) and his blog is ERGO I KNIT.
    They should teach knitting in high school . It’s way cooler than PAC MAN ever was. Stormtroopers should knit.

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