Because nothing says “sexy” or “success” like a hair net


I’m applying for a job as a lunch lady at a local school today!  My poor DH is home serving his term as host to the resident illness. Not much else happening.  I cast on an Argosy Scarf because Penny’s turned out so lovely I wanted to make one too!


The Christmas Gift knitting plan includes:

4 more pairs of mittens

2 pairs of fingerless gloves

4 hats

The afore-mentioned/shown Argosy

With limited interruptions and barring natural disaster finishing is plausible.  Cheers!



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  1. You have children – plural – how can you think that there will be “limited interruptions” and no “natural disasters”?? ;o)

  2. CindyCindy

    I’m stunned that your list is considered doable. I’m looking at maybe starting and finishing one, as in “1”, Pirate mitten by Christmas. Of course, this means I need to get the yarn and actually start it. Lunch Lady? The hours are great. There will be certain foods you can never eat again, but what they heck. Oh, and your Argosy scarf? Lovely.

  3. Nothing says I care more than a hair net = your hair is NOT in my food. More people with hair should wear them. (I’m SO safe in this department! Thanks for the laugh.) You’ll be the hottest lunch lady on the line.

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